Caring For Your Muki:


Muki yoga mats eco-friendly properties make them similar to your own skin in many ways and should be treated accordingly.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, solvents or products containing essential oils as they will compromise the mats anti-slip properties.

It is recommended that you simply wipe your mat down on a regular basis using plain water or mild soap. After washing with cleaning agents you need to rinse the mat well. The Muki Hot natural rubber / microfiber mat is machine washable using regular washing powder but no bleach or fabric softener. Dry your Muki Hot between classes (see instructions below) and machine wash on cold short cycle once a week.

Your clean mat should be hung up or laid out in a cool shady spot to dry. It may take a day or two (depending on weather) for them to dry out completely but it is imperative that you DO NOT DRY MUKI MATS IN OR ALLOW PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT - This is probably the single most important guideline to adhere to. The Muki Hot mats can be rolled up in a dry towel and wrung out to remove excess moisture this will help speed up the drying process.

Muki's are an investment in your yoga practice and by following these few simple guidelines they will continue give you excellent service.